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Scala is a pure Object-oriented programming language. But it also supports a functional programming approach. So, It provides built-in functions and allows us to create user-defined functions as well. Functions are first-class values in Scala.

Prerequisites to Learn Scala Programming: Beginner level Java knowledge (for instance, object-oriented programming with Java: what are variables, loops in Java, arrays in Java, how do you create an object, using collection and thread in Java).

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 Level     Hands-On Scala

Scala is a general-purpose, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language. It is a pure object-oriented programming language that also provides support to the functional programming approach. Scala programs can convert to bytecodes and can run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Scala stands for Scalable language. It also provides Javascript runtimes. Scala is highly influenced by Java and some other programming languages like Lisp, Haskell, Pizza, etc.

This level in SkillPractical Scala Learning Path is designed by our experts to give our learners the best way to LEARN real-time Scala projects, PRACTICE competitive tests, and PREPARE for Interviews. 

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